3 facts about Golisan extract drops

This entry gives you a brief overview of the 3 things you need to know about Golisan products. It’s about the simple question: What makes Golisan extract drops high quality products?

  1. Golisan extracts are vegan products and therefore labeled by the European Vegetarian Union, and are produced with high-quality raw materials from purely organic cultivation.
  2. Golisan products are SWISS MADE: They are strictly controlled and certified by Swiss Quality Testing Services.
  3. Our products comply with the GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) certification standard.

Golisan products Swiss made high quality

1. 100 % vegetable

Golisan extracts are 100% plant-based. We only use high-quality plants, such as genuine Ceylon cinnamon or original saffron, that come from purely organic cultivation. All 6 vegan Golisan products offered in our shop are marked accordingly with the V-label by the European Vegetarian Union, e.g. Golisan saffron extract or Golisan ginger extract drops.

In addition, the products contain no artificial additives, caffeine or other stimulants. The extract drops are delivered in a dark glass bottle, which protects the ingredients from light and keeps them fresh.

Many natural remedies or dietary supplements do not meet any vegetarian or vegan standards. For us it is crucial to offer vegetarian dietary supplements that can be ethically and morally supported. We want to make something we would buy ourselves. And we can definitely say, we are living the change we want to see in this industry.

2. SWISS quality

The distribution of products from Switzerland is an essential part of our corporate philosophy. Our products are not only manufactured in Switzerland and therefore wear the label “SWISS MADE”, but they are also strictly controlled and certified by Swiss Quality Testing Services (SQTS):

“With our name, we stand for Swiss quality and reliability in terms of flexibility, speed and reliable adherence to deadlines.

SQTS has decades of experience in analytics, the assessment of food products, packaging, chemicals, do-it-yourself products and commodities such as textiles and toys. The high and varied needs of our diverse partners require a high standard of quality. Individual problem-solving, short lines of communication and the continuous expansion and development of new analytical methods in the accredited sector, offer you a highly committed, partnership focused customer service at the highest level.”

Products such as our Golisan cinnamon extract benefit from quality testing and product safety tests. They are also assessed for compliance with current legislation. This is a huge advantage for our customers, because with this label you can be sure that you are buying a high quality product.

Golisan feverfew extract is controlled by Swiss Quality Testing Services (SQTS).

The quality of our Golisan feverfew extract is assured by Swiss Quality Testing Services (SQTS).

3. GMP certificate

The GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) label guarantees our customers that Golisan products comply with the guidelines recommended by authorities that control the approval and licensing of manufacture and sale. It is awarded for food and beverages, cosmetics, pharmaceutical products, dietary supplements, such as our Golisan drops, and medical devices.

It plays a central role as quality deviations can have negative effects on health. Therefore you should always pay attention to this label on the products you use.

These 3 labels should show you that Golisan Extract drops are trustworthy and healthy. Would you like to know more about the labels or our products in detail? If so, leave a comment below and let us know. We look forward to answering you as soon as possible.

In the next blog article, we will discuss the fourth label Golisan is working on to be certified for product safety. By using a special blockchain solution for supply chain management the a new and innovative product ivault helps us to fight counterfeit and fake products and provide product safety.

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