About Golisan

In our modern times, when health problems plague us, we rely almost exclusively on going to the pharmacy and synthetic or chemically advanced drugs. Usually, we only smile at the home remedies our ancestors used and their ancient knowledge in natural and herbal medicine.

However, numerous plants, herbs and spices and plants have been not only been used in the kitchen for thousands of years. Records of all early civilizations document the study, cultivation and use of herbs and spices as an important cultural assets.

We want to preserve this cultural asset. Since 2013, Golisan has therefore clearly stood for a return to nature and a recollection of the power of many forgotten plants. This does not mean we have to concoct complicated mixtures of many different herbs and spices.

In many cases, even the extract of a single plant such as ginger or saffron has convinced naturopaths as much as many of our costumers – even without any chemical additives.

Our certified herbal extracts only contain natural ingredients. They are vegan-friendly, water-soluble and easy to digest. Our products are bottled in Switzerland and have been subject to strict controls by independent Swiss and Austrian laboratories.

Quality is most important to us. This is why our herbs and spices come from trustworthy agriculture. Our laboratory also complies with the GMP (“Good Manufacturing Practice”) certification standard.

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