Benefits of our Golisan Feverfew Drops

Feverfew originates from the eastern Mediterranean region, but has long been native to the entire Central European region thanks to its popularity as a medicinal and ornamental plant. The plant, which belongs to the composite flower family, is particularly common in wildflower and farmer gardens or in its wild form in meadow landscapes. Records from ancient Greece point to the healing effect of the plant and in the Middle Ages feverfew was often used for fever and colds. Optically, the herb resembles the widespread chamomile (hence the name “false chamomile”), but the leaves are used as a medicinal plant for feverfew.

The bitter taste of feverfew can make taking it in tea form a challenge. Taking it in drop form is therefore often perceived as more pleasant.

Recommended use of Golisan feverfew drops with:

  • Migraine and headaches
  • fever
  • colds
  • menstrual cramps

Other positive properties of feverfew extract:

  • Calms the stomach and has a positive effects on digestion.
  • Has a vasodilatory effect and promotes blood circulation.
  • Alleviates typical symptoms of menopause.

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