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In our modern day and age, we usually rely on a quick visit to the pharmacy and chemically produced pills for any illness or ailment. The home remedies and natural medicines that were used by our ancestors are usually not top of mind and appear quirky and outdated.

However, we often forget that many medicinal herbs and plants have been used for thousands of years as remedies for a number of medical problems. Records of all early civilizations show that medicinal plants were cultivated, treasured as natural medicines and studied extensively. We want to preserve this old cultural knowledge and our brand name Golisan stands for a return to nature and the recollection of the healing powers that so many plants possess. This does not mean concocting complicated mixtures from many different herbs.

In many cases, the extract of a single plant such as cumin or saffron can have positive effects on our health and well-being, when used regularly as a dietary supplement. Our products only contain natural ingredients of the highest quality and unlike modern medication, they come without side effects and are easy to digest.

The quality of our products is our main concern, which is why we rely on ingredients from organic agriculture, bottle our extracts in Switzerland and are controlled by Swiss Quality Testing.

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Nehme seit einiger Zeit Safrantropfen gegen meine Tobsuchtsanfälle, funktioniert super. Hab schon lange keine gegen die Wand geschmissen.

Remy van Donk
Remy van DonkManager

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Dr. Dosist
Dr. DosistDean of MedicineDoom Inc

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